Waste sorting out and processing plant for AMA-Rome

The current legislation on waste management allows to dispose to landfills of inert waste only and incineration residual waste and favors recycling and recovery of raw material.

In this context, Termokimik installed for  AMA (the environmental service company operating in the City of Rome) an important system for the sorting out and treatment of urban waste.

This system was designed to achieve the following results:

  • reducing the amount and environmental hazard of waste disposed of in landfills;
  • recovery of the resources contained in waste in terms of materials and / or energy;
  • disinfection of waste;
  • minimization of the total waste disposed of in landfills.

The integrated urban solid waste treatment plant for the City of Rome represents a workable model and is, of course, expandable or resizable in any urban context (especially for the communities particularly attentive to the environmental impact caused by waste) and can reduce the amount of material daily disposed of to landfills by approx.  65%.