CO2 Capture Pilot Plant

Among the measures taken at EU level on energy and climate change there is a one-sided commitment by EU to reduce, by 2020, at least 20% of greenhouse gas emissions if compared to 1990 levels.

Part of the measures taken in this direction include developing technologies to reduce emissions of CO2, applied to the Thermal Power Plants.

The main electricity producers are thus committed to the development of these new technologies that are currently grouped under the acronym CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage).

Enel determined to experiment and develop the new technology by installing a pilot plant worth approx. 15 M € at the Federico II power plant at Brindisi. This plant, whose design and construction was awarded to Termokimik, was installed  in side-stream configuration on one of the 660 MW coal-fired utility boilers.

The Company wishes to stress the fact that the design and construction of this Italian pilot plant was awarded to Termokimik, which further confirms the company’s potential to develop and offer forefront and cutting edge technologies and ability to adapt to the end customer’s need and to the environment itself.